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18 May 2008 @ 01:22 am
The Peaceful Days at the Holitsuba Gakuen  
Yo, minna-sama and Holitsuba Gakuen fans of this community!

This is my very first post for this community and I would like to share a few things that relate to this prestigious private academy. We'll I have decided to post two of my drawings that I have worked based on my favorite fandom - Shiritsu Holitsuba Gakuen. I really love this series concept so much that I wanted to make something that I can be able to share with everyone. Hope that you'll have the time to see them and enjoy them to your heart's contempt, ne! *smiles*

The first Holitsuba Gakuen-themed drawing is about Sakura and the twin brothers in the classroom as they wear their Spring, Fall, and Winter school uniforms. I finished this drawing today as I was spending it on several nights during the weekday to complete each character, background, and the proper shading. Anyway, here I present to you all with this creative drawing of Sakura and the twin brothers Syaoran and Syaoron!! *big fanfare*

I'm pretty satisfied how this drawing turned out after I completed it. *smiles* It's my very first time drawing Sakura (in any version) and it took me a while since I had to look for many pictures to draw her hairstyle. Very challenging indeed! ^^;; I finally decided to have her lovely orange hair in the anime style. Sakura came out pretty good and not bad for my first time drawing her. Yay!! ^____^ Demo ne, I was laughing so hard when I tried my hardest to make Syaoran blush whenever Sakura is around him. He so shy when he knows that she likes him! *laughs* It's known very well that Syaoran will be the shy twin brother while Syaoron is the mischievous twin brother.

Now for the Holitsuba Gakuen-themed drawing of the twin brothers that I wanted to show everyone around... This drawing was done a few weeks ago during late April and I posted this on the syaorancest community.


I've decided to do a drawing that had both Syaoran and his twin brother Syaoron with their sports activities. Since they mentioned that Syaoran's club activity is soccer according to the drama stories, so I drew him with a soccer jersey. I wanted to make his twin brother Syaoron a basketball player since they say that strong legs is what it takes to be a great basketball player. ^___^ The twin brothers are such very athletic and talented students in the private academy. It was a lot of fun and yet a little hard to do their expression - especially Syaoron's since he's kind of a little mischief when it comes to Syaoran. Teasing his twin brother a lot, of course... in a good way!! =P
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